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The last two blogs in this series (brown and black belt) aren’t going to focus as much on positions as much as they will focus on skills in BJJ as a whole and mindsets that you need to make it to the goal of a black belt (and even beyond that). Here are some of the things that you can practice for to make it to black:

Shifting Your Game From Defense To Attack Mode- As a purple belt, you will start to make your positions (sweeps, takedowns, pressure of positions) better and better. As a brown belt, you should start to work on offense more than defense. Because your defense at this point should be solid and infused into your mind as muscle memory, the offense should be the thing you are more concerned about and get really good at. Once you start to attack more, you will learn much more fine details about the positions you are working on.

Becoming Dominant From The Top- As I said before in my attacking paragraph above, you should be already very good at recovery and bottom game (sweeps, reversals, etc.), so now all that’s left to work on is attacking and being dominant from the top positions. Staying hungry during the roll and not giving up no matter how many times the person on bottom may recover or try to escape is an important thing to know how to do when you’re a brown belt and the competition is tougher.

In Depth Knowledge Of Almost Every Position- A brown belt has been training long enough to where he/ she should know about and be experienced in every position. They should have repped these positions hundreds of times each and know the fine details in most of them. They should also have a few specialty moves that they are especially good at that they have drilled over and over again until it becomes perfect muscle memory.

You Should Be Able To Teach A Class Very Well- At Supremacy, we start training people to teach (kids or adult beginners) at blue belt level and we train them to be teaching assistants at four stripe white belt level. Our Advanced adult class coachs start training at high level blue belt into purple belt and all brown and black belts have all of the teaching basics down and have no problem instructing a class. This is a quality that will go a long way, because not only does teaching help the student, but it helps the instructor understand and think about the position more.

Nail Down What Defines You As A Grappler, Find Out What You Like/ Don’t Like- This should be a concept that you start to implement at purple belt as you solidify your personal game as a grappler. You should know what positions you like and don’t like, what positions you need more work on and what positions you have a specialty in.

Deepen Your Skills In Basic Positions- Most of the brown and black belts I see train don’t use fancy show off moves during training and competition because they have drilled on the basics so much that they know how and when to use positions perfectly with ease. Whenever you hear someone say that learning the basics is more important than flashy moves, listen to them!

When I asked my professor about what he thought brown belts should work on as far as their mindset and training as a whole instead of specific positions, his response was something that I had never really thought about before until now. Being a higher rank (brown and black) you already have a large understanding of pretty much every position and know what you should/ shouldn’t work on, what makes you better as a brown belt to be able to get to that black belt position is the amount of time and effort you show on the mats. He said that he will have higher expectations for blue belts than purple belts based on the effort that they put in and how dedicated they are to their training.

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