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Going into these next three blogs I am going to have to stop relying on my own experience and my own feelings and start giving other people’s thoughts and opinions on being a higher belt. Since I am inching closer and closer to purple belt I feel like I can relate a little to this blog and learn from what other purple belts have to say about their knowledge and experiences at the belt so far. Here are some of the responses I got from reading about and interviewing purple belts:

1.) Using Movement and Momentum- This is probably one of the biggest things that I see other purple belts get really good at. They use other people’s weight and pressure against them to advance their game. Along with that, their movements/ transitions from position to position are starting to get really good and they are rolling more smoothly without struggling to find a defense/ counter defense for each position they get into. They can flow roll and allow you to try to do what you want and counter your technique without pausing to think.

2.) Finish Laying the Foundation of Your Game and Developing Your Own Style- When you’re a blue belt, you start to get more advanced at moves and develop your own game (along with the help of your professor). But when you’re a purple belt, you can start to experiment and branch out and finish adding to your game. This is the belt will define how you roll and what type of techniques and positions you use the most and are good at.

3.) Try to Even Out Your Skills From the Top AND Bottom; Try Not to Sway Too Much to one side- Once you get into the higher ranks you will start to realize that you will need to branch out more and work on the things that you are good AND bad at. If you pull guard all of the time, you will probably get stuck if someone tries to pull guard on you first, and vice versa. When you hit purple belt you should have the knowledge and skill to play top and bottom game (of course with some positions being better than others, but the point is to be well versed in everything)

4.) Being More Aggressive While Rolling and Going For More Submissions- Every higher belt that I see roll at Supremacy BJJ always has that high intensity roll that they designate for all of the other higher belts who could give them a hard time. They flow from position to position but also go for more submissions instead of just points. They also establish their positions pretty well and make that a priority to have position over submission.

5.) Be Able to Anticipate and Plan What Your Opponent Will Do and How You Will Act/ React- My Professor (Rodrigo Grenno) just the other day gave a mat chat during class that explains this perfectly. Too many people roll without a purpose or a plan or without intensity or emotion behind it. They go with the flow and defend more than attack. He explained that every single great roll that he has had was because he had planned that roll in his head and was thinking about how he would act and react to his opponent before hand. That way of thinking is definitely what makes a higher belt.

These are more of training guidelines, skills, and mindsets more than specific positions or techniques. It’s safe to say that purple belts already have a working knowledge of almost all basic and advanced positions so they don’t need too much guidance on the positions that they need to know. The purple belt is more of a belt where you work MORE on the positions that you already know and get better at your game.

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