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If you walk into any Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu school right now and see how many women there are, you could most likely count them on one or two hands. Why is that? BJJ is (for the most part) a very male dominated sport, it’s a close contact wrestling type martial art that involves choking your opponent or manipulating their joints. It sounds very intimidating at first but there is so much that BJJ can do for women besides learning self defense!

You Don’t Have to be Big or Strong to be Good

BJJ was made with the idea that a smaller, weaker person could outsmart and use technique against their opponent/ attacker using simple defense and escape techniques. I have seen people at Supremacy who are 130 pounds easily dominate a person who was 200+ pounds just by using their advantage of speed and knowledge of BJJ.

BJJ Strengthens Your Body Physically and Mentally

A 1 and a half hour BJJ session can burn around 1,000 calories! On top of getting in shape and gaining muscle and flexibility, BJJ is a great stress reliever and makes you mentally stronger the longer you train. During class, you are only able to focus on what you are doing at that moment. You have people all around you who are like family to you and like to joke around and have a good time with each other. BJJ has you facing new challenges physically and mentally all of the time, and if you push through them that will give you the black belt mentality that everyone desires!

The People (Especially the Women) at Your Gym Will Become Like Your Second Family

Something about rolling around and sweating on each other while trying to choke them out makes you closer. You have very little personal space boundaries and you are around these people all of the time. The women especially get close with each other and grow strong bonds. This is because BJJ mostly consists of men, so the women tend to stick together and help each other out while at the same time bonding in a way that isn’t typical for women.

On the Mats, Everyone is Equal

There is no discrimination of any kind at Supremacy or in BJJ in general. Everyone has the potential and talent to be the best even if you are older, overweight, or weaker. Women especially feel intimidated or scared because they don’t feel like they can ever be good just because they are female or they think they are weaker. I have seen and trained with women at Supremacy BJJ who are tougher than most of the men. Anyone who walks into a BJJ school and thinks that they can overpower the women that train are in for a serious wake up call.

BJJ Builds Confidence and Shows You How Strong and In Shape You Can Be

A lot of people join the BJJ program at Supremacy because they want to get in shape, they are sick of the way they look and they want to change. BJJ is an AMAZING way to get in shape while at the same time gaining an insane amount of confidence. When I first came into Supremacy BJJ I was an overweight 15 year old who had almost zero confidence in myself. With the help and encouragement of everyone at Supremacy plus the support of my family and friends I was able to lose weight, get more flexible, and gain an amazing amount of confidence that I had never felt before.

These benefits can be for anyone who wants a reason (or more encouragement) to start training Jiu- Jitsu. The reason why I am giving these reasons specifically for women is because they seem to benefit from these reasons the most, and if they push through all the way to black belt they definitely have the respect of everyone at the gym. Not only because they are a black belt, but because they have trained for so long in a sport that is dominated by males. They have endured being sweated on, being overpowered by someone stronger than them, being crushed by someone bigger than them, and they still keep coming and pushing themselves no matter what. If that isn’t something that deserves your respect, I don’t know what is.

~Laila Ahmad, Head Children’s Instructor and Blue Belt

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