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There’s a famous saying in the BJJ community: There is no losing, you either win or you learn. This quote could not be more true for people who practice BJJ. Everyone hates losing, they hate the feeling of defeat. It sucks. But what makes a person a true fighter with a warrior spirit is if they accept that loss with humbleness , learn from their mistakes, and come back better than before. Here are some things that can help you deal with your losses and give you the warrior mentality that you need for BJJ!

1.) Losing should be a humbling experience that teaches you humility, and also gives you motivation to do better that you thought you could never have. When I first started BJJ, all I wanted to do was win, so when I started losing more than winning it put me down and made me want to give up. Now that I have been training for about 4 years, losing is a learning experience that makes me want to learn and come back stronger, it gives me this drive that I never in a million years thought I would have. I can appreciate all of the times that I was bested by my opponent because I can learn the holes in my game and fix them, and because I have a whole team behind me at Supremacy BJJ to support me.

2.) Losing is guaranteed. It’s true, everyone loses. Even the greatest BJJ practitioners out there have lost their share of matches. Don’t put yourself down because of one match. Hold your head high, tell yourself that you can learn from the experience, and keep training. Most importantly: THANK YOUR OPPONENT, win or lose. They have fought just as hard or harder for that match.

3.) Remember that competing is just like rolling on the mats at your own gym, don’t get nervous or scared. Many people choose not to compete because they fear losing, but the reality is that you tap out to other people everyday when you train, nothing is different. You roll everyday with people who already know your game and will push you harder than you will ever be pushed in any competition. Take a deep breath, remember how hard you trained for that competition, and always have a smile on your face. Win or lose.

~Laila Ahmad, Head Children’s Coach & Blue Belt

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