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Last week I wrote about the things that you SHOULD be doing during BJJ class. Whether it is your first class and you want to know what to expect or how to act, or if you’re newer in class and you want to find out how to blend in more and have a better time during class. This week I will be going over the other half of BJJ dos and don’ts: What you SHOULDN’T do. These will always apply to everyone, no matter what belt color you are or where you train.


  1. Don’t come into your gym with an ego- No one will be impressed by it, and you will more than likely make a few enemies this way who will try to tap the ego out of you which in turn will make you upset and quit.
  2. Don’t panic- It’s okay to be nervous or scared, especially if it’s your first class.
  3. Don’t spazz out- This will cause a lot of injuries and no one will want to roll with you if they know that they will end up hurt sooner or later.
  4. Don’t feel bad if you can’t keep up with some of the other people in class- Everyone has their own way of doing things and has their own pace, take your time and go with what you’re comfortable with.
  5. Don’t walk into the gym assuming that it will be easy and that you will tap everyone out right away- This plays hand- in- hand with having an ego, don’t be that guy.
  6. Don’t try to hurt people on purpose- You are not there to be the tough guy, don’t try to prove yourself to anyone.
  7. Don’t try to hold back from tapping out, you will end up hurting yourself- Tap early and tap often, you will learn a lot more this way. You won’t be able to come to class if you have an injury from not tapping.
  8. Don’t judge a person based on appearance- Don’t assume that it will be an easy roll just because a person is a lower belt than you, or they are a girl, or if they are smaller than you. Everyone is an equal once you step onto the mats.
  9. Don’t refuse to roll with anyone- It’s extremely disrespectful.
  10. Don’t constantly think about tapping people out or being tapped out- Jiu- Jitsu is a humbling sport that teaches patience and respect, don’t always make it a competition.
  11. Don’t hold onto a position after your partner has already tapped- I cannot stress this enough, so many injuries that have happened in BJJ have been because a person has not let go of a position after their partner has tapped (either because lack of paying attention or because they just don’t care)
  12. Don’t brag about tapping others out- Again, it’s not a competition. You don’t know if your partner was having a bad day and rolling lighter or if they were just going easy on you. Be humble.
  13. Don’t approach higher belts and ask them to roll- This is a big pet peeve of mine (and MOST higher belts!!), it’s almost the most disrespectful thing that you can do. Wait for them to come to you or roll with a lower belt.
  14. Don’t try to muscle through every position, bjj is about leverage, flow and angles.
  15. Don’t come into the gym with bad hygiene- This is also a VERY important thing to remember that I also mentioned in the first part of this blog. Keep your nails clean and cut, your gi washed, and your body odor under control.

These are all very important rules to follow at Supremacy Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu, but you also need to remember to have fun and make friends. Supremacy students and instructors are all family!!

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